Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shooting with a Canon System and Portrait #8

"The best camera, is the one that's with you..." -- Chase Jarvis

Last Saturday, I made my cousins proud because I used a Canon system (EOS 550D to be exact). In my hurry to leave the house, I left my battery still in the charger and found out about it on location. It was a good thing there was an extra camera; but it was a Canon. I've always belonged to the Dark Side (Nikon) because I find it easier to use and the colors are closer to reality. It’s just my own preference as both brands are almost equal in terms of technologies and performance.

And it was one of my favorite shoots for the year. Not because I used a Canon system but because it was challenging. I was not in my element as I could not use my trusty 35mm and to adapt to the controls of the camera. All those buttons are confusing! I was not used to taking my eyes off the viewfinder when changing Auto-Focus points so recomposing was a bit of a pain. I had to make do with the gear that I had; learning how to maximize gear is a very good skill.

But still, I think that I had a great shoot even with the challenges I faced.

We also had a new model and I was happy because I've always wanted to shoot a Japanese looking girl; and we were blessed to have Anri who is actually half Japanese. She was easy and fun to work with. Her simplicity made her stunning; it made my life a whole lot easier. Also, we had a new location to play around in; not the usual haunts in the city. Though we did not really have a concept in mind, the location itself was good enough that we knew what we wanted to do.

Here is the first set of the shoot...

anri (3 of 4)

anri (2 of 4)

anri (1 of 4)

And lastly, I didn't forget about my 100 portraits project so here it is. This was shot with a Nikon D90 and an 85mm 1.8 Nikkor.

anri (4 of 4)

Shooting with a new system (whether it be canon or any other brand) is never easy but its either you adapt or miss the shoot. I can't tell you that I could have done better with my Nikon rig but at the end of the day you'll just let the pictures speak. And Anri made things easier; and most of the time, it’s the subject not the gear that determines the outcome of the shoot.

ps: Special thanks to Maggie for the 550D and Ken for the D90. And to the photobombers for another amazing shoot! :D

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