Friday, March 18, 2011

Noel + Cathy: A Unique Wedding

"Truth is, all brides are beautiful – exceptionally beautiful on their wedding day. If it doesn’t show, I’m not doing my job properly." -- Dino Lara

I was inspired by a blog post by my cousin about Brides being beautiful on their wedding day. They are really supposed to feel that they are the prettiest in the venue; that all eyes are on them. Its their day and its supposed to be the most memorable walk down the isle.

But its not just the bride but the groom as well. You can't have a bride without a groom now, can you?

In my first solo wedding coverage, I found freedom to do what I want and shoot in the angles that I never tried before. I must say it was one satisfying experience for me. And a huge sigh of relief that I actually finished the wedding without panicking.

And this was an ultra-religious and non-conventional wedding because the bride and groom belong to a particular church group. The traditional entourage wasn't even present because only the bride, groom and their parents walked down the isle; no ring bearers or flower girls. The chairs where the bride and groom sat didn't face the altar but was in one side just to the right of the priest facing the assembly. And there was a huge liturgical table in the middle plus the lectern was also in the middle; a lot of obstacles were present which made it tricky. Even the church layout was a bit of a handful.

It was quite challenging because the whole ceremony itself was not ordinary. There were a lot of non-traditional parts and others were skipped which made it a bit confusing. But it was unique and fun at the same time; it kept me on my toes. But its still a wedding and its my job to cover it; I'm glad I did my job to the best of my abilities (or lack thereof).

A lot of first for me again. There were a few Uh-oh moments and some shots I missed but thats a part of growing up. I'll learn as I go along.

And as for my output, here are the first few frames from the wedding.

wedding (3 of 3)

wedding (1 of 1)

wedding (2 of 3)

wedding (1 of 3)


  1. ayusa ani dar oie! Thumbs up again:)

  2. hahahah! i really like the first photo! is elegant!
    ..murag dili sa sacred heart gi-held! whew!