Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Adventures of Danbo Part I

I was supposed to make a blog yesterday but I got stuck doing reports. So my blogging streak ends at two days. But I am back and I have a couple of sets that await their turn to be blogged. I'll still stick to doing one theme or set per blog; makes things simpler.

I've got a simple question as an introduction to my subject: how can a cardboard cut-out have so many chicks thinking that he (or it, for that matter) is so adorable, cute or amazing?

Well, I present to you: Danbo (short for Danboard, the cardboard box robot)

danbo - studio high res (1 of 6)

Sometime last January, I went to a friend's store that had a small studio setup on the second floor. We were supposed to just hang out. We got bored and a friend had the bright idea of doing a studio shoot with Danbo as our subject. We didn't have models to shoot so he (or it) would have to do. So we played around, using the studio lights that were designed for portraits on a three inch tall cardboard figure. We went about this shoot with the same manner as we do with our portrait photoshoots. Danbo was no longer just a cardboard box robot, he (she or it) was the model.

danbo - studio high res (2 of 6)

And with his (or it's) singular expression, I managed a couple of keepers.

danbo - studio high res (3 of 6)

We even found a doll to be a date for Danbo.

danbo - studio high res (6 of 6)

Out of boredom, I got some images I am happy about. It just shows that keeping an eye out for possible subjects should be part of my habit. I also learned that the simplest things in life can be very interesting; even a cardboard box.

Thank you Danbo!

 View the entire set here!


  1. hahhaha..i am amused with this idea.
    ..the second pic is like it!

  2. i just tried it out of sheer boredom... thank you for dropping by. :)