Monday, February 28, 2011

An Angry Little Bugger

It’s really amazing when you get to see the world of the very small. These are the things we tend to take for granted. There are so many interesting things to see when you zoom in for a really close look.

This was my realization after just one macro session. My friend lent me his extension tube and I tried it out on a boring Saturday. And then I got hooked. Seeing the output made me want to take more and more shots. And I really haven't gotten myself bored with the countless times that I zoomed in on my shots. And it's also very challenging since the extension tube makes the viewfinder go dark and there is no Auto Focus (AF); it makes shooting more fun.

This particular insect, which I am not really sure if it’s a beetle or a bronze version of the lady bug, has got to be one of my favorite things to shoot on macro. I usually find this critter on the purple sweet potato (kamote) leaves. It probably is good camouflage because the colors kind of make it look darker and less visible. Its actual size is about half of a 5 cent coin. And if not for the movement, it can remain virtually hidden in plain sight.

macro II (8 of 10)

It becomes much more visible when it moves into the outer edges of the leaves.

macro (2 of 12)

Set against lighter green foliage and darker background, you can see clearly the profile of this angry little bugger.

macro (6 of 12)

I wish I had more time to shoot macro. It’s been raining lately and I'm having a hard time getting up early to shoot; and besides, there is nothing to shoot when it rains. I am also hoping that I'd find the budget for a proper macro lens so I'd have sharper photos to share.

PS: if anyone knows what the name of this bug is please inform me. I wish for all my insect macros to have proper labels.

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