Wednesday, August 13, 2014

on Hiatus, Comebacks and Portrait #39

Finally, I'm back after a seven month long hiatus. Well, I took a break from blogging but not from photography. I just did not have the time to update my blog since I was busy with all the other things going on in my life.

Much has changed in the last seven months. I quit my day job, started working professionally as a photo retoucher and I have been shooting for clients more. Now that I found some time in between projects, I want to update my blog with some of the photoshoots that I have done the past few months. And I also want to update my portrait project.

gap (1 of 1) 
Paulyn and Kezia

My first feature will be of my good friend and makeup artist Paulyn. We did several shoots the past few months and this one is with her friend Kezia. We did a shoot for Kezia before, but I am featuring this one because we got it right this time around. And ofcourse there is that mandatory portrait of Paulyn as well.

Paulyn and her flower crown 

During the shoot I worked mostly against the light as it was a particularly sunny afternoon. I added a slightly purplish haze during post processing to balance out the yellow and orange cast of the sun. Interestingly, I find adding some sort of haze effect to make portraits appealing. I like the “vintage-ish” look I get.

Kezia's angle :) 

And as promised, I am adding this portrait to my project.

Portrait #39: Kezia

PS: Thanks to Paulyn, Kezia, Fatima, Junah and Annalou for joining me in this shoot. I'll be posting Fatima's photos next. :D