Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Birthdays and Dreaming of the Beach

Today marks the start of another year in my life.

I have been fond of spend my birthday in a quiet manner. Be it in a coffee shop with good friends or just a casual dinner with the family. I am not a fan of big parties or drinking sprees during my birthday. I want it to be as simple as possible.

And today, I have been daydreaming about being somewhere quiet. I dreamed of spending this birthday in Malipano Island, in one of the cozy Pearl Farm Beach Resort villas with an awesome view of the ocean while drinking a nice cup of hot choco. My friends say it’s a birthday celebration befitting my personality.

And I remember this shot I did about two months ago, in the main villa of Malipano Island while savoring a cup of hot choco early on a Sunday morning. This is a 15-shot handheld panorama of what I was looking at on a comfy couch facing the ocean. I didn't even bother getting up to get a better vantage point. This is the exact view I have been dreaming about the whole day.

pearl farm

Too bad I am stuck in the office doing mundane tasks today. Anyhow, I'll be out early because its my birthday. Happy birthday to me.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

On Black and White Treatments and Portrait #22

Life is a lesson, you'll learn it when you're through.

Photography for me is an endless learning experience. I shoot macro and learn new things about insects and flowers. I shoot portraits and learn about the person I am shooting. And after shooting, I decide on how to post process a photo. And since I am still in the stage where I do not have a permanent workflow, I experiment on techniques; and again I learn new things.

And in the photo I am going to show, I learned that having a Sepia layer on top of the traditional Black and White layer makes the B&W look softer. I tried different opacity values and layer arrangements. Experimenting on the treatment is as fun as researching things about my macro subjects; and takes up as much time.

The day that I stop learning in photography is the day that it will become boring.

Portrait #22: Genie
love is color...

A little something about Genie, she is a model and singer. As you can see, she is really pretty and she has a voice that is as pretty as her face. She is always seen in product launching events and other events with models. She is probably as busy as I am and this is only the second time I had the chance to shoot her as she is busy with all her gigs.