Wednesday, October 5, 2011

On Black and White Treatments and Portrait #22

Life is a lesson, you'll learn it when you're through.

Photography for me is an endless learning experience. I shoot macro and learn new things about insects and flowers. I shoot portraits and learn about the person I am shooting. And after shooting, I decide on how to post process a photo. And since I am still in the stage where I do not have a permanent workflow, I experiment on techniques; and again I learn new things.

And in the photo I am going to show, I learned that having a Sepia layer on top of the traditional Black and White layer makes the B&W look softer. I tried different opacity values and layer arrangements. Experimenting on the treatment is as fun as researching things about my macro subjects; and takes up as much time.

The day that I stop learning in photography is the day that it will become boring.

Portrait #22: Genie
love is color...

A little something about Genie, she is a model and singer. As you can see, she is really pretty and she has a voice that is as pretty as her face. She is always seen in product launching events and other events with models. She is probably as busy as I am and this is only the second time I had the chance to shoot her as she is busy with all her gigs.

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