Tuesday, December 1, 2015

on Music Videos and Minimalist Concepts

It is 29 days to the New Year and I want to catch up on my blog so that by the start of 2016 I will be free of backlogs.

One other reason why I find the need to write is because I need to diversify. I accepted a part time gig writing articles of an automotive website based in Australia. I want to write other things besides cars and what better way than to get my blog updated with my current projects.

white shirt (3 of 9)

I have to admit, I am not much of pop music and it has been awhile since I last watched a proper music video. When my partner in crime Chawie wanted to do a shoot that was inspired by the music video of Good For You by Selena Gomez, I had to watch it to get the idea. And I will admit that before this shoot, I only knew of one song done by her and that is because she collaborated with Zedd, who I listen to.

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Anyways, with Chawie and our frequent muse Krestle, I knew it would be another fun shoot.

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And I was right; it was a very relaxed shoot. We had a white wall and a long bar stool and ambient lighting. I really enjoy minimalist concepts because I find that I can do a lot more when I have fewer distractions. A plain blank wall works best for me.

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Here are some more photos from the shoot...

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There you have it, another set with Chawie and Krestle. It’s always enjoyable working with them. No stress and I am guaranteed that I will have some keepers worthy of posting in this blog. I'll be posting collaboration with chawie probably this weekend. Until then!

PS: Thanks to Charisse Ann "Chawie" Bibera and Krestle Deomampo for this shoot. And to Chawie's grandma who welcomed us into her home so we could use the blank white wall in her backyard.