Wednesday, March 28, 2012

on Simplicity, Monochrome and Portrait #29

I process my portraits depending on how I see my model's personality. And most often, I end up having simple black and white portraits.

I have said it often that I really work best in monochrome and with simple portraits rather than elaborate sets and a plethora of colors. And this matches Marfegen, my newest addition to my 100 portraits project quite well. She is both simple and stunning at the same time. Though she is a professional model, she sure does retain a lot of her simple girl charms when you meet her.

marfegen portrait (3 of 4)

I really enjoyed this shoot because I really didn't need to direct Marfe. She knows her angles and what looks good. And I have been wanting to do a shoot with her since I first saw her. I'm glad that I finally get to add her to my ever growing project.

Portrait #29: Marfegen
marfegen portrait (2 of 4)

PS: Special thanks to Karina Asetre for the makeup and styling. And to the crew (usual suspects) for the shoot.

PPS: This is a super late post. I have been kinda busy lately. I'll shoot another blog when I have the time.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

on Prom and Portrait #28

Seriously, what are they feeding teens these days?

My friend asked me to do a shoot for her sister about a month ago because it was her highschool prom and she wanted to have a souvenir of sorts for that special occasion. I didn't hesitate to say yes because I have always wanted to take a portrait of Adreane for my project. I saw her on facebook and I knew I wanted to add her to take a portrait of her.

adreane portrait (1 of 2)

And then I was surprised to see a tall lady instead of a blooming teen.

She is still sixteen and in highschool and I was thinking I would be shooting something that was more on the teen(y) side. And so my plans went out the window when I saw how matured she looked. It was a good thing that I quickly found out her angles and got to the business of doing her photoshoot. It is her first time but she got the hang of posing and how to project in front of the camera. I am glad she was comfortable during the shoot.

adreane portrait (2 of 2)

While reviewing the shots I took, I realized how different it was from what I originally envisioned. And I am glad I still pulled it off. Like what I always say to my models, I only need one shot to make my day. And after post processing only a handful of shots, I can say I had two (or more) keepers on that day. I will go back for a second look at this shoot when I find some time.

Here is the portrait I will add to my project. I had a hard time choosing between the B&W photo and the one I chose because I think both are good enough to be in my portrait project. I decided to take this closeup as it is a bit more unique. Plus I love the reflection in her eyes.

Portrait #28: Adreane
adreane portrait (1 of 1)

PS: Special thanks to Amylae for inviting me to do the shoot.

PPS: This is a late post because I have been swamped with projects this past month. I wish I can shoot and post process more often in the coming days.