Wednesday, March 28, 2012

on Simplicity, Monochrome and Portrait #29

I process my portraits depending on how I see my model's personality. And most often, I end up having simple black and white portraits.

I have said it often that I really work best in monochrome and with simple portraits rather than elaborate sets and a plethora of colors. And this matches Marfegen, my newest addition to my 100 portraits project quite well. She is both simple and stunning at the same time. Though she is a professional model, she sure does retain a lot of her simple girl charms when you meet her.

marfegen portrait (3 of 4)

I really enjoyed this shoot because I really didn't need to direct Marfe. She knows her angles and what looks good. And I have been wanting to do a shoot with her since I first saw her. I'm glad that I finally get to add her to my ever growing project.

Portrait #29: Marfegen
marfegen portrait (2 of 4)

PS: Special thanks to Karina Asetre for the makeup and styling. And to the crew (usual suspects) for the shoot.

PPS: This is a super late post. I have been kinda busy lately. I'll shoot another blog when I have the time.

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