Saturday, April 7, 2012

on Black Saturday Hunchback Fly Sighting

I had nothing to do today because it is Black Saturday and decided to go look for macro subjects again. I was disappointed to see that the neighbor flattened my usual macro hunting grounds to have a parking lot. Technically the land doesn't belong to them but they decided to use it anyways. My macro search area shrunk by a couple of square meters.

Anyways, I found some aphids and beetles but I got drawn into shooting another hunchback fly. It is only the second time I found this sort of fly. It maybe slow moving but it is definitely hard to spot as it doesn't really move much. What I learned is to go look for unusual black spots in flowers as this fly feeds on nectar and is a pollinator. I got two photos before sunset.

Front Profile
hunchback fly profile (1 of 1)

Side Profile
hunchback fly side profile (1 of 1)

Technical Notes: Shot with Tamron 90mm F2.5 Macro 1:2 plus 55mm extension tube.

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  1. unsa kaya nah gihuna huna sa fly..hmmm