Sunday, March 13, 2011

Noel + Cathy E-Session

"And I'd give up forever to touch you..."

That is my all time favorite line from a song. And I make it a point to always listen to the song before shooting a prenup shoot. Music really helps get those creative juices flowing; and a little research also works.

Two Sundays ago, I did my first solo prenup shoot; And yes, it scared the hell out of me. One thing I am weak at is directing models or subjects. I'm the happy camper type photographer; I wait for my shots to happen naturally. I think it’s because I was a street shooter before going into portraits and prenups. Some habits just die hard. And being a guy, I naturally had a hard time directing "sweet" and "mushy" poses. I knew what I wanted to shoot but I really wanted it as candid as possible. It didn't happen with this couple so I had no choice but to direct. And like what I said, I hate directing.

Good thing I figured out how to coax them to revealing their softer side by constantly reminding them that they'll do this only once in their lives. And viola, I got them to show some lovin' (if you know what I mean). And gladly, by the time we started shooting it was windy but not raining; though the overcast skies ruined my plans for dramatic lighting.

Without further ado, here are some of my favorite photos from the shoot.

noel + cathy fb (21 of 21)

noel + cathy fb (1 of 21)

noel + cathy fb (19 of 21)

Experience is the greatest teacher of all, and I learned a lot from this shoot. I hope my confidence would always be high even when shooting solo. And I hope that this learning experience would help me in my next projects.

PS: you can view the Flickr set here:  Noel + Cathy E-session Flickr Set

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  1. i like the second pic..
    ..i can feel her joy..and his love.