Thursday, March 10, 2011

Breaking the Habit: 100 Portraits Project #6 & #7

This blog is long overdue. I should have made it last week before everything went crazy. This week I went to the Nikon Photo Safari then did a prenup shoot. And tomorrow I'll be covering my first solo wedding assignment. And to think, I did this shoot a day before Valentines.

Time management is really my weakness.

Anyways, during our group's Valentine's Day dinner, we had a semi studio setup and went on experimenting with lights. My friend called it the Light Wall effect. A reflector was used as a very large diffuser; it created a sort of nice gradient lighting effect. I got interested in the idea but it was hard to setup properly. I got two keepers to add to my 100 portraits project. Both models are part of the Photo Bombers group (which I am also a part of). 

First is Waqui, a friend and fellow photographer who occasionally tries to model; especially when the group doesn't have models ready or during breaks in photo shoots.

Portrait #6: Waqui

Second would be Kaye. She's one of my first models and was part of the first photo shoot I organized way back July 2010. Back then I didn't use strobes or reflectors and basically didn't know much about portraiture. She's been with the group from the start.

Portrait #7: Kaye

It took some time for me to finally have an output for the shoot. It’s not because I'm very busy but because I was looking for something different. I wanted output that I haven't done yet in my previous portraits for this project. So I came up with the not so used angle for Kaye and a low key effect for Waqui. I hope that the creative process for me will continue, because I have been on a roll in recent weeks. And I pray that I'd find more keepers for this project; 93 more to go!

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