Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jeff + Hazel E-Session

"The space between our wicked lives... is where you'll find me hiding... waiting for you." -- Dave Matthews

Often we look at things as very ordinary that we overlook its real meaning. That’s something I realized after reviewing my output for the latest prenup project I had. And yes, I admit that at first it seemed so normal to me that I ignored its meaning; but I am glad my lens captured some images of it.

I am talking about holding hands.

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Sure, people associate it with couples and relationships but sometimes it seems so ordinary that everybody does it. Yet, we all know that there is a deeper meaning to this. Somewhere, in the vastness of the earth, a hand was made to hold yours. It may not fit perfectly but yet it feels right. I'm sure Jeff and Hazel felt that way because throughout the course of the shoot their hands were locked together. There were no need to tell them to hold hands and from my standpoint it seemed so natural; not something done just for the sake of the e-session.

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And that day, I was drawn towards shooting their hands; as they were practically inseparable. It wasn't something I did on purpose as I was pressing the shutter button like theres no tomorrow. Perhaps it just shows that in my quest of finding the perfect expression of love in this couple, I found it not in their faces but in their intertwined fingers.

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Personally, I think holding hands is a sign of trust and hope. You trust that you chose the right hand to hold and hope that it will be the hand that you'll hold forever. I wish all couples would value that hand they hold; and that they'd never let it go. And I wish Jeff and Hazel all the best; may they hold each others hand in wherever life takes them.

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PS: I originally planned not to have words for this post but I had that "ah-ha" moment again so I added my thoughts to my images.
PPS: Special thanks to Jarrah Lu for being my co-shooter for this session. 

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