Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stinky Little Bugger

Ever since the Nikon Photo Safari here in Davao, there has been a lot of people who got into macro photography. In the local forums, there is a constant stream of macro shots, especially insect macro. I've been into it for some time now since I love photography and science and macro merges the two fields together. I love to learn and am often curious about the bug that I took shots of. I can't ID most of them because I'm not an entomologist. I only know the common names ones.

Here are another couple of shots of some brownish gold bug that I found in that same patch of greens just across the street from our house. What I can tell you is that its a species of "true bug". It is most probably under the stink bugs family; I'm not sure about this but it does sure look like one. True bugs are common in the area I shoot as there are shield bugs, planthoppers and cottonstainers there. This is the first time that I saw this one bug so I took the chance and I was also looking for an entry to the DPP magazine macro shots.

macro (1 of 2)

macro (2 of 2)

It's fun when you shoot and learn at the same time. What's not fun about shooting insect macros is that you have to wake up relatively early in the morning and crawl through shrubs and whatnots just to get to your subject. Macro photography is still my first love even if it's hard to get up early in the morning.

PS: if someone knows the identity of this bug or any of the other bugs I shot before, please do leave me a message or comment. 

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