Sunday, January 10, 2010

Puppies Galore

Our latest batch of puppies are starting to walk. It's a shame that only three of the six puppies survived the first week though. It would have been a blast to take photos of six puppies running around the backyard. But I did have fun with the 3 light brown(ish) puppies. In about six weeks, they'll be sent to their new owners. We can't keep them because we already have three adult dogs; my mom doesn't want more dogs. So I'll just take pictures to remember them by. And I'm glad they are the playful type; always chasing the camera or me (whichever they prefer). Here are just two of the pictures I took with them.

The picture above is of the puppy kept chasing the camera. He stood still long enough for me to take this picture. I know my girl friends would be asking me to give it to them. I'll name him Sparky because of his energy in chasing the camera around.

This other one wasn't really posing for the camera but was fixated on the camera strap with had bright yellow markings.

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