Thursday, January 14, 2010

I See The Light

As a kid, light has always fascinated me and it didn't matter where it came from. I am especially attracted to bright lights of different shades. Fireworks, Xmas Lights, Flashlights and anything that blinks easily attracts my attention. And I was a bit of a pyromaniac too. Anyway, my love for light has also taken root in my photography. Here are a couple of pictures that play with light. I'm still learning how to use the ambient light and manipulate the light sources for it to become art.

This is my first attempt at Light Painting. I picked a simple word to illustrate what a mobile light source and long exposures can do. (I flipped the image horizontally because I was having a hard time writing backwards.)

This next one is called a "Bokeh" shot. The ambient light behind my subject becomes an accent for the whole scene. It's one of the techniques that I would like to master in the coming months.

The last is a nighttime shot at long exposure. It was a spur of the moment thing to shoot above street level and show the night scene of JP Laurel Avenue; one of the busiest streets in Davao City. When light and cars come together is a scene worth capturing. I do hope to take better long exposure shots because this one was done in a hurry. My framing also needs some improvement.

P.s. Your critique and comments about the photos are most welcome. I want to get better at what I do.


  1. The last photo is beautiful. It doesn't look like Davao City. Parang Hongkong lang. Hehe.

  2. Yeah it looks like its taken somewhere else, except when you notice the power lines hanging around. Thanks sa visit nikka! hehehe