Sunday, January 3, 2010

The 2010 TO DO List

It’s the first working day of the year. I don’t feel any changes yet but I think that they will come soon enough. All I have to worry about right now is how to further progress in my field and in my fields of interest. And I am making a "TO DO" list for 2010 and hopefully fulfill whatever I set out to do this year. So here goes:

- Travel.
I need to travel since I have been stuck in Davao for the last two years. I want to go to Manila to see my friends and relatives (and get a copy of my transcript). And I want to go to places where I can take pretty landscape photos.

- Get started on my MBA degree.
I have been putting this one on hold for the last two years. I hope this year I will find the time and the finances to further my career. It’s one of those things that I need to do to get a better job.

- Take at least one good photo everyday (or 7 a week, whichever is much more convenient).
I read about this Project365 on the internet where photographers take at least one picture everyday so that they can hone their skills in photography. And since I want to get better at photography, then I might as well try it. I don't think it will be too much of a hassle for me and it’s interesting to see if I really have the patience for this hobby.

- Gain around 10 pounds of lean muscle mass.
I know people never really get contented with what they have but then again, I'm putting a limit to what I want to look like. I don't want to be bulky and muscle-bound like other guys. I just want to be lean and just have enough muscle that I wouldn't be shy about taking my shirt off. =P

- Fix all those Government IDs and whatnots.
My TIN and SSS IDs are both in Manila. I need to change my address to Davao City. And I need to fix other stuff like PhilHealth and HDMF records too. What a drag.

- Open a savings account.
I need to do this so that I won't spend as much of my salary as I am now. I really need to save up for the stuff I need and want. Right now, I can't control spending because there is a lot of ready cash available in my ATM.

- Write more.
Before, I write about once a week. But since I have been busy with other things, I'd like to make it a point to write at least twice a month. And perhaps make some photo blogs too.

- Continue living a Healthy Lifestyle.
I really don't need to emphasize more on this one.
- Get a new credit card.
My current credit card is a hassle because not all stores accept it and most that do not offer installments. It's a pain when shopping for big items like camera stuff. I need to get perhaps a BDO or HSBC card but one would be enough for my purposes.

- Buy a new camera lens and bag.
I need just one lens (a 55-200mm zoom lens) and a backpack. And I need a few other stuff like flash, IR remote trigger, extra batteries and filters. But I won't spend that much on accessories right now, maybe when I get Photo-ops in the coming months. Right now, I'll just have to make do with what I have.

There, 10 things I need/want to do this 2010. I'll add more as I go along. I hope that I'll be able to do all of them this year (or at least most). And I hope that all of you will have a great 2010 too!


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  2. kuya mart, can i be with you sa travel mo...hahaha

    nice 2010 to do list..ako wala go wid the flow na nman ngaun 2010... :)

  3. gemgem! pupuntahan na lang kita dyan sa taiwan! ahahaha

  4. ahhmmm...

    go travel bai! palawan, benguet and ilocos bai.

    san ka mag MBA?

    a photo a day keeps the doctor away!

    more muscle???????? taguro ka na..

    ayusin mo IDs mo pagpunta mo ng manila

    yeah you should save bai. gawin ko rin yan.

    ako rin. i have to write more na.

    healthy lifestyle--food na lang siguro. kc physically sobra na pagggym mo.

    credit card? choose visa or mastercard