Wednesday, December 23, 2009

As Day Breaks

I never get up early in the morning. Usually, I am still in REM mode as the sun rises. But today, I got up to pee and saw the amber light and instinctively grabbed my camera (after peeing of course). Taking a stroll around the village, I found that flowers are much more interesting to shoot during the early hours because of all the insects and dew present. Too bad I don’t have a close up filter or macro lens in my current arsenal. I was too engrossed in shooting that I didn't really mind the lack of sleep. I only stopped when my stomach was grumbling because I didn't have breakfast; it was about 9AM already.

Morning Dew

I picked this one among all the shots I got because I think it’s just lovely. I didn't do any post processing too! Tomorrow, I'm definitely getting up early again.

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