Friday, April 30, 2010

The Green Side of Things: A Bird, Bee and Bug

It’s amazing how green my images look once it’s been processed. It doesn’t look that way when I shoot or when I review it in my camera. Just adding a little adjustment here and there and then “Poof!” it turns green! I’m sure the Incredible Hulk and my Lasallian brothers and sisters would be happy with such a color.

But truth be told, I am not that much a fan of the color green. It is my school’s colors, yes, so I proudly wear the color; but I was never a green person. I’m more of the blue person. However, recently, I have had a liking for all things green. And here you see the results. This is one of many nature sets that I will post here.

I hope you like all things green; there are a lot more where this came from. (I just noticed, this blog has an orange feel to it.)


The Orange Bee

Orange Leaf Hopper

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