Saturday, June 6, 2015

on Same Day Edits, Collaborations and Portrait #47

I was challenged to post the whole set on the same day by the model; so here I am.

Techinically it is not the same day because it is already almost 2am. But for those who know me, my backlog for posts goes as far back as last year. Well, this shoot took SIX years before it finally happened so I think it merits the early publishing.

I asked Krestle for a shoot when I was still starting out as a portrait photographer. She was in second year college then and starting out in modelling. Now I've shooting "semi-professionally" and shes going to start med school. I think it is a blessing that it took that long for me to finally have the chance to shoot her because now I have enough "skill" to make the shoot worthwhile.

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It was also the first time I did a collaboration with Charisse who is my contemporary in shooting portraits. I also cannot explain why it took that long before I could have the chance to work with her. But having them both with me on location made the shoot a walk in the park (both figuratively and literally).

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And the output should speak for itself.

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I also have a photo to add to my portrait project. I will add this as #47 but I am yet to publish #45 and #46 since I prefer to have it in chronological order. So here is the photo that will be added to the collection.

Portrait #47: Krestle
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This shoot has been a nice experience for me. It has been awhile since I did a portrait shoot with another photographer and I really do miss having someone to talk to and share inputs with. Its always better when you have someone else with you especially when you run out of ideas. I think I will do more collaborations this year.

PS: Special thanks to Charisse Ann Bibera aka Chawie and her boyfriend Henry for working with me on the shoot. We will be shooting again in the coming weeks.

PPS: If she looks familiar to you, then you probably read an article in a popular men's magazine about a week ago about a nurse who volunteers for medical missions that does free circumcision. I wonder if my photos are too wholesome (or even good enough) for the said men's magazine. LOL!

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