Tuesday, March 25, 2014

on Revisiting Chesca

It has been a long while since I last had a blog entry. I've been busy with so many other things lately that I found it difficult to find time to shoot and write. I am also preparing for a massive career change that is to come at the end of summer. Well, I do hope I can find time to write about the photos I took since my last entry.

For my comeback blog, I revisited the photos of Chesca. I was looking for photos to apply some new things I learned about post processing and I tried it on some of her portraits. I was inspired by the works of Emily Soto and I tried my best to replicate what she was doing. I must say, I am kind of enjoying the vintage and dreamy feel of her portraits. It would be a good addition to my traditional portrait post processing techniques.

new vintage (1 of 1)
 warm tone vintage...

It can be sometimes daunting because of the number of layers I have to create to capture a certain look; this is on top of my usual workflow for portraits. The additional work though is well worth it. Gone are the days of just clicking the "convert to black-and-white" button when I do not like how the colors work. And now, I have more options when I get bored of my "safe" post processing workflow.

chesca_vintage (1 of 1)
 cold tone dreamy look...

I think the new look of the portraits fit my style. The subtle colors, dreamy feel and vintage vibe are more or less what my portraits are about. I will see what other portraits I can apply this style to.


A few days after finishing the two re-worked portraits, Chesca won the Mutya ng Dabaw pageant. It is probably the biggest and most prestigious pageant in the city. I am really proud to have met her and to have taken her portraits before she became Mutya ng Dabaw. She is the second Mutya I have in my portrait project.


Today is also her birthday. Big shout out to the birthday girl! Happy bday Chesca!

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