Thursday, February 7, 2013

on Sunrise and Landscapes

"Any idiot can complicate things, but you need a genius to simplify them..." -- Albert Einstein

I had a chance, over the weekend to visit the Panabo Mariculture park. It has been two years since I first went there. Back then, I knew very little about landscape photography. Well, not much has change apparently because I still don't know squat about shooting landscapes. And I have had very little practice over the time skip.

And since I had little practice and do not even own a wide angle lens (I had to borrow a kit lens for this shoot), I spent a lot of time figuring out how to properly frame my shot and get just the right amount of light into my shots. This is one thing I do not like about landscapes since I have only a short period of time in which I can shoot a scene during sunrise or sunset. And I forgot that I could extend my tripod to eye level so I was shooting really low and got a lot of mud in the foreground since the tide was coming in slowly. I got a few (subjectively) "good" frames from the sunrise shoot.

panabo (2 of 2)

panabo (1 of 2)

Shooting landscapes for me are a taxing endeavor. I have to wake up really early (or not sleep at all) and shoot only for a limited amount of time. And timing is everything since overcasts and rain can ruin a trip. Well, I am admittedly still learning; it’s a process. And after the shoot, I told my fellow shooters that I'd be tagging along more often to the landscape shoots so I can learn. I do hope that I will learn more the next time I shoot.

PS: Many thanks to the Ange Bersabal and the Photobombers for organizing this landscape shoot.

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