Tuesday, December 4, 2012

on My Favorite Student and Portrait #35

Sometime ago, I decided to be a mentor to a young photographer. She had a knack for portraits, events and street photography like me so I decided to impart to her what little knowledge I have. But honestly, she’s grown by leaps and bounds on her own. I only give her advice on what to do based on my past experiences and she takes it from there.

She is soon turning 18 and as a gift, I told her that I would shoot her pre-debut pictorial. I honestly got a little bit pressured because I'm shooting someone I am mentoring. It's different from shooting models who know little about the craft as compared to shooting a fellow photographer. They'd know if you make a wrong move or take photos in the wrong angles.

save the date

And of course, I had to prove to myself and those who know that I am her mentor that I could deliver good output.


We ended the shoot after sunset as there was no more light to shoot with. On the commute home I felt like I could have done more during the shoot and I feared that I didn't have enough keepers for a slideshow. But after reviewing the shoot, I realized I did well during the shoot. I had enough keepers for my slideshow; perhaps even more.

close up

Overall, I was happy with what I got from the shoot. Not only did I satisfy my own set of goals but I got positive reactions from those who have seen the few photos I published. And I got another portrait to add to my project.

Mission Accomplished!

Portrait #35: Lalai

PS: I am not yet done with the slideshow... and I will post it after her 18th birthday...

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