Thursday, August 25, 2011

On Ants Marching In

It's raining again, so it means I can blog before I leave the office.

I have long been fascinated by ants. When I was a kid, I would start ant wars between red and black ants. Sometimes, I'd find insects to place in the ant mound just so I could watch those vicious red ants dissect them piece by piece. I was also fond of messing up their scent trails so the next ant following the line would get lost. Its always fun watching ants; or perhaps it’s just me.

And lately, I discovered an ant colony in a shrub just in front of our house. They were bigger than the normal red ants, have mean looking mandibles and brandished stingers at the rear end when threatened. And yes, their bite is pretty painful; I wouldn't recommend going near them.

tamron 90 (5 of 6)

Since I shoot manual using a manual focus lens, I need to first understand how they move and react to me. And the first thing I noticed when I started shooting them is that they are feisty. Any movement near their colony would make the ants show of their weapons to deter you to get closer. But that’s probably the only way to shoot them creatively since as ants, they never stand still for very long. I constantly coax them so that they wont move away while I shoot. That little trick works for me.

tamron 90 (6 of 6)

I didn't spend a very long time shooting as I forgot to clean my memory card before I went exploring. Hopefully, I can find the time this weekend to shoot them again; and hopefully in good light.

tamron 90 (1 of 6)

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