Monday, June 21, 2010

Where Butterflies Hang Out

I am at home out in the grassy areas as I am in the street. Yes, wildlife and nature photography is a passion that is second only to street photography for me. I find it fun to shoot insects, birds and whatever wildlife I come across; even in the urban jungle. But my favorite spot to look for creatures is just across the street from our house. You’d find a host of insects like butterflies, beetles and dragonflies there as well as spiders and bugs. I really enjoy shooting these critters.

But this set is about a place for butterfly lovers, Davao City’s Butterfly Sanctuary. I know for the wildlife photography purists this is tantamount to cheating. But trust me, it isn’t that easy to capture great shots of butterflies when there are is a horde of people scaring them away. And just a sneak peak, my next butterfly set will come again from that patch of greenery in front of our house.

croc park (9 of 12)

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  1. Hmm..You seem to be busy there for the lack of posts recently, hehe..

    These are really beautiful shots that you have here. Whenever I feel like getting some sense of being with nature, I'd drop by your page.

    Martian1018, the Midnight Writer is moving to its own domain. I'd like to invite you to join us up for a little housewarming party at the new place. It'd be nice to have you there. Cheers!

  2. hey, thanks for dropping by... yeah I have been busy with both my day job and my photography. i'm back and will be posting some new stuff soon. God bless!