Thursday, March 25, 2010

Under the Blazing Summer Sun : The 73rd Araw ng Dabaw

Well, two weeks has passed since the 73rd Araw ng Dabaw, but its only now that I have time to post some of the pictures I took during the events.

I went out on the streets to shoot the dance competition and the grand parade. I endured the blistering heat of the midday sun just to shoot. It was my first time watching the Araw ng Dabaw in a very long time. I remember the days when I watched the event with my mom and siblings; that was ages ago. Shooting at the event brings back memories of my childhood.

Anyhow, I managed to get a few good shots of the parade and dance competition. Sadly, the event wasn’t as colorful as I was expecting. It’s all for experience sake.

This is my favorite photo from the whole set:


The Singer

In Line


The Grind

The Mardi Gras Performer

The Umbrella

The Filipina

Tired Dancer

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